Transforming Ordinary Curbs Into Art


We bring your visions to life, creating vibrant curb paintings personalized to your taste and preferences.


Hayden Stone

Their work is truly a visual treat! The attention to detail and their commitment to customization have left trustful impressions in my community.


Jane Anderson 

A game-changer in suburban aesthetics. They've turned an ordinary part of our streets into something that brings smiles to our faces every day.




Why Customize Your Curb?

At PaintYourCurbLakeway, we customize ordinary curbs with high-quality outdoor paints to reflect your style, create a distinctive neighborhood landmark, and enhance community spirit.

Break Away from Mundanity , Be Unique

Showcase your unique aesthetic with our curb painting services.

Celebrate your Passions Loudly

Express your team spirit, hobbies, or personal causes, including college and high school sports, through vibrant curb art. Show your support in style.

Create a Landmark Not a Number

Transform your curb into a recognizable neighborhood feature.

Why Choose PaintYourCurbLakeway?

We blend creativity, attention to detail, and durable outdoor paints to provide you with distinctive, long-lasting curb art that truly represents you and your community.


Curbs Transformed


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The PaintYourCurbLakeway Advantage

We aim to provide a perfect blend of quality, creativity and professionalism in all our services.

Quality Materials

We use high-quality, weather-resistant paints.

Skilled Artists

Our team comprises of experienced and creative artists.

Unique Designs

We work with you to design the perfect curbside appeal.

​Trinity Clark

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Interested in a certain design, maybe your favorite sport team or college team?

​We can do it!

​Let's transform your curb into a vibrant and colorful statement. Let's discuss your vision!

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